Monday, February 27, 2012

Team Bradley 2012 Crew Volunteers Needed

Family, Friends, Co-Workers:
You are well aware I like a challenge.  I am running the Burning River 100 again this year.  The event takes place on Saturday, July 28th – Sunday, July 29th.  I had the BEST crew and crowd support of any runner last year…thank you!  I’m securing volunteers again for this year!  Yes, I am Type A and plan ahead very early. 
I will chronicle my trail tales starting in April right after the Boston Marathon.  I promise a hardy helping of humor, humility, and honesty.
Crew Volunteers
If you are interested in receiving additional information about volunteering for my crew, please email at or text me at 330-819-6846.  As a crew member you don’t run with me….you help me at the aid stations and ensure I stay alive.  I will have detailed information by early April to those interested. 
Finish Goal
I am registered as a USA Track and Field participant.  This means I will not have a pacer, cannot use a Garmin watch (stopwatch only), and cannot use music.  My goal is to finish the race in 24 hours or less.  I am permitted to change my mind mid-race and “drop” as a USATF runner and run as a regular participant.  I actually plan on deciding by July 1st if I’ll run as USTAF runner.  As a result, I’m also securing pacers.
Pacer Volunteers
If you are interested in being a pacer, please let me know.  I’d like at least 4 pacers.  I need people that are strong trail-runners and can easily cover 15-25 miles of trails.  I need at least one of the four pacers to be comfortable/experienced with running at night.  If you are not scared of your shadow, bats, and coyotes let me know if you would be willing to pace at night.
Personal Promise
I strive to be the friendliest and kindest runner on the course.  I do not take my pain or frustration out on my volunteers.  I simply require everyone to tell me I look fabulous at all times.  If I look like “death” I completely expect you to lie!  If you can’t lie….just keep your mouth shut! 
Save the Date Volunteer Thank You Party
Sunday, August 5th, 2012
Plan on relaxing, eating, and laughing!  The party is my way of saying “thank you” for sacrificing your time to help me reach my goal! 
Run for fun,