Friday, June 17, 2011

Trails, Toenails, and Tick Bites

Steve and I have six weeks left until the big race.  We have already had a pretty humorous and interesting journey.  Many of our friends and family ask for recaps of our weekend trail adventures.  We both realize training and running this race is a life-changing and ambitious endeavor.  We are running this race to simply make memories.  We are not worried about a finish time.  I'll confess, we are two of the most goal-oriented and stubborn people you'll ever meet.  We just want a challenge!  Of course, we also want to strut around and say, "Heck yes, we ran 100 miles.  Want to see my belt buckle and ugly feet?"  In the event we both land in the hospital with severe memory loss or die of heart failure…I figured I'd write a blog of our trials and triumphs, tears and laughter, hills and spills, toenails and tick bites, and other crazy life lessons we’ll learn. 

Happy trails…. 

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