Friday, June 17, 2011

What happens when two anal-retentive perfectionist become ultra runners?

I highly doubt Steve will ever write anything for this blog, which means all stories are subject to my twisted and self-biased interpretations. 

Conversation between Hope and Steve (feel free to read or skip)
Steve-I’m organizing our volunteers, secured a pacer, plan the routes, and help pack our supplies.  I do not think it will kill you to write one or two blog entries to help recap our adventures.  Of course, if I disagree with any of the content you’ve written about me…I’ll refuse to post the information!  J  

We are both anal-retentive planners.  Our spreadsheets have spreadsheets….do you get my point?  We hate disorganization, poor leadership, and unfriendliness.  We both have an amazing capacity to extend compassion to others, but can be extremely hard on ourselves.  We are both stubborn as mules, but never argue.  We both have a quick-wit and don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We are just trail compatible, which is why this process has been/will be so enjoyable. 

Planning for our weekend trail runs starts around Tuesday of each week.  I get in “super planner” mode and send Steve an email outlining our plan for the week and what miles we need to accomplish.  I’ve learned Steve reads the emails I send, but never replies.  I don’t get annoyed by his unresponsiveness to my planning agenda because he faithfully shows up every weekend to train…and he brings plenty of supplies all perfectly organized in Ziploc bags.  Thanks, Steve!    

Our Friday evenings consist of perfectly packing (or quickly throwing) our gear in duffel bags.  We learned the hard way that FOOD is an important item to pack for trail running.  A couple packs of GU and a granola bar only sustains you for so long.  Our supplies usually consist of:

Bug spray
Poison ivy lotion
Wet naps
Toilet paper
Ziploc full of water w/washcloths
Shot Blocks
Hammer Perpetuem (Strawberry Vanilla)
Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
Peanut butter and crackers
Butt paste (don’t ask)
Burt’s Bees Replenishing Lip Balm
Flip Flops (wear to the trails because our shoes are too dirty)
Trail shoes (perfectly placed inside the Rubbermaid containers we purchased)
Nathan Fuel Belts

Many trail runners are very “Zen” about their running.  They just show up, join a group, enjoy nature, eat some leaves, and run.  We have not become “hippie” runners and still have Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C perfectly crafted in case the “hippies” don’t plan things perfectly.  However, we have noticed the trail running community is the absolute nicest group of people you’ll ever meet.  We have met some lovely, extremely helpful, and amazing athletes on the trails.  Happy trails…

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