Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekend Recap & Random Ramblings: Saturday, June 11th and Sunday, June 12th

  • Steve and I ran 20 trail miles on Saturday and another 20 trail miles on Sunday.
  • Steve had some tummy issues, which we discovered was the flu.  However, he never gave in or gave up.  He is the essence of grit, stubbornness, and determination.
  • I still have all my toenails.  I have a lot of dirt under my toenails, but that's nothing hot pink polish can't disguise. 
  • Steve lost another toenail that had been hanging on for dear life since the Flying Pig Marathon.
  • We both learned a 4 hour trail run can turn into 6 hours when your body is tired and hungry.
  • We met with an endurance nutritionist to help us figure out the best fueling plan for our long runs and during the race.  We were pretty much doing EVERYTHING wrong. 
  • Steve craves Lay's Potato Chips around mile 15.  I crave Chili Cheese Fritos around mile 18.  As a result, we make a stop at the BP off of 303 after EVERY single trail run. 
  • We both adore A1 flavored Beef Jerky!!  It is a little piece of leather heaven in my mouth.
  • Steve could drink enough water to drown a camel.  I need to drink WAY more water....I will spare you the details of our urine color. 
  • I am a VERY friendly runner.  I talk to every single person I pass on the trails.  If Steve finds my "perkiness" annoying he's done an excellent job not letting me know.  He did ask if I was going to say, "Would you like cream with your coffee?" 
  • The bikers on the Towpath from Station Road to Brecksville are RUDE.  We made it our personal mission to extend perkiness and kindness to every single person as they pass.  They failed to see the amusement. 
  • The bikers around Boston Store are friendly! 
  • Yes, I still have poison continues to spread...I continue to complain.
  • I hate bugs!  Bugs love me...I continue to complain even more! 
  • I still adore road running.  Steve could abandon the roads forever.
  • Yes, I get a shower and shave my legs before every trail run regardless of the start time. 
  • No, I don't have a single washcloth in my house that is still white.
  • I'm pretty certain we both wear cologne during our trail runs...this could be the cause of the bug issues. 
  • I am an "alpha-runner" and ALWAYS have to run ahead of Steve.  It is the "deal" we have and he just agrees.  I do give him the lead every so often, but it kills me.  I just like being in front...always have...always will.
  • Even though we train on Saturdays and Sundays we have never missed a church service.  We found a church that has a Saturday night service.  We have NOT abandoned our priorities!
  • Steve talks more than me!  I'm a listener and he's a chatter during our runs.  Except if I get "on a roll" just watch out and I'll talk your ear off.
  • Every runner has a "shut up threshold", which is when you know the other runner is struggling.  Your job is to run beside them and shut your mouth!  I have found Steve's "shut up threshold" and he found mine last week.  It was around mile 20 and I was words needed to be exchanged.  However, we just ran next to each other and finished off the miles.
  • I love the heat!  The hotter the better.  Steve, does not agree.  
  • We both like to eat!  Really, we can pound down food like two linebackers!  
  • Steve can pee in the woods like he's power-washing a tree.  I am terrified to pee in the woods because I don't want poison ivy anywhere near my "lovely lady" parts.  I don't even want to think about mosquitoes!!!! 
  • I have heat rash all over my chest.  I'm vain and hate this beyond explanation.  Yes, I went to a dermatologist to get cream.  No, the cream has not worked.  Yes, I'm still annoyed! 
That's all for now.  I'm sure more adventures await this weekend.  Happy trails...

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